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Automotive Industry Experience

We know what we're doing... Because we've been producing automotive parts for over 60 years! In the last 15 years we have become a leading manufacturer of Original Equipment heat and acoustic shielding. We not only supply shields to Australian manufacturers but also internationally to the USA, Canada and China!

High Performance Parts

We perform better... So your machine can too. All of our products are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards. We're now bringing you the latest OE technologies in Heat & Acoustic shielding, so you know when you use DCI Performance Products™ your machine will perform better.

Shielding Products

Check out our range of high-temperature heat & acoustic shielding. Our SheetHot™ range of products are suitable for most high-temperature applications, while our SheetHot Extreme™ range will protect your components from extreme temperatures. For effective acoustic dampening in most areas of your vehicle, try our QuietSheet™ range of products.

While our products are an ideal shielding solution for your vehicle, there are also a myriad of other applications.

  • Insulate commercial and domestic ovens to protect surrounding cabinetry and reduce heat transfer.
  • Insulate marine vehicle components to protect from heat and reduce noise.
  • Insulate heavy machinery to reduce noise transfer and protect components from excess heat.
  • Insulate furnaces to protect surroundings from heat transfer.
  • And much more...


Sheethot TF-600

SheetHot™ TF-600

Ideal for heat-shields on underbody components where rigid and robust shielding is required. For use in areas with with heat up to 600°C.

Composition: 6 layers dimpled aluminium.

Sheethot TF-400

SheetHot™ TF-400

Ideal for heat-shields on underbody components when easy manipulation and material formation is required. For use in areas with with heat up to 600°C.

Composition: 4 layers dimpled aluminium.

Sheethot TF-100

SheetHot™ TF-100

An economical heat-shield solution for areas with significant airflow. For use in areas with with heat up to 600°C.

Composition: Single-layer dimpled aluminium.

SheetHot™ Extreme

Sheethot Extreme XT-Ultimate

SheetHot™ Extreme XT-Ultimate

Ideal for direct mounting to exhaust manifolds and turbo systems, suitable for temperatures up to 1100°C.

Composition: Composite material (Dual-layer stainless-steel/Ceramic insulator).

Sheethot Extreme XT-5000

SheetHot™ Extreme XT-5000

Ideal for heat shielding on exhaust manifolds and turbo systems, suitable for temperatures up to 1000°C.

Composition: Composite material (ACMS/Ceramic insulator/Aluminium).

Sheethot Extreme XT-1000

SheetHot™ Extreme XT-1000

Ideal for heat-shielding in extreme-heat areas, suitable for up to 900°C.

Composition: Single-layer Aluminium-coated steel (ACMS).


QuietSheet Diamond

QuietSheet™ Diamond

Ideal for sound deadening and absorption where direct-to-surface application is required. An adhesive backing provides hassle-free installation.

QuietSheet Exterior

QuietSheet™ Exterior

Ideal for sound insulation in areas that are exposed to the elements. A rigid outer surface provides robust protection, resulting in lasting sound absorption.

QuietSheet Plus

QuietSheet™ Plus

Ideal for sound insulation in areas where maximum sound absorption is required. A thick blanket layer provides effective acoustic insulation in areas where space is abundant.

QuietSheet Slimline

QuietSheet™ Slimline

Ideal for sound insulation in minimal-clearance areas where little space is available. A slim blanket layer maximises the use of available space with optimal insulation.

Contact us

For further information about the full range of DCI Heat & Acoustic Shielding products please contact us on the following:

Email: performance@dci.com.au

Telephone: +61 3 9357 2511

As our website is still being updated, be sure to check back frequently for more information.



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